CCRL 40/40, 40/4 and FRC lists updated (17th February 2018)

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CCRL 40/40, 40/4 and FRC lists updated (17th February 2018)

Postby Graham Banks » 18 Feb 2018, 21:53

The latest CCRL Rating Lists and Statistics are available for viewing from the following links: (40/40) (40/4) (FRC 40/4)

Please note that the three lists are often updated separately to each other. The FRC list is only updated when a new engine or engine version is being/has been tested.

40/40 testing this week that I'm aware of will include (with live broadcast port for TLCV noted where applicable):

68th Amateur Series Division 3 Tournament (continuing 16001)
68th Amateur Series Division 4 Tournament (continuing 16053)
Trail Of Light Tournament (continuing 16002)
Joker2 0.7.7 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16063)
Clever Girl r185 64-bit Gauntlets (continuing 16064)
Clever Girl r160 64-bit Gauntlets (continuing 16066)
Vajolet2 2.5 64-bit Gauntlet (finishing)
SmarThink 1.98 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing)
Atlas 3.91 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing)
Schooner 1.8 64-bit Gauntlets (continuing)
Ethereal 9.00 64-bit Gauntlet (being run by Tirsa)
Fritz 16 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (being run by Tirsa)
ChessBrainVB 3.65 4CPU Gauntlet (starting Monday 16083)
Andscacs 0.93 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (continuing 16084)
Various 4CPU and 1CPU tournaments (being run by Sergio)

40/4 testing since the last update has included:

Stockfish 9 64-bit 4CPU
SmarThink 1.98 64-bit
Defenchess (SCTR) 1.1f 64-bit 4CPU
Deep Shredder 13 4CPU
Atlas 3.91 64-bit
Sissa 2.0
Dorpsgek Eves-Temptation 64-bit
Marvin 3.0.0 64-bit
Counter 2.5 64-bit
Delocto 0.6 64-bit
Scorpio 2.8 64-bit
Galjoen 64-bit
Hedgehog 1.802
Uragano 0.92
Snowy 0.2 64-bit
Zeta Dva 0303 64-bit
Drosophila 1.5 64-bit
Slibo 0.51
Popochin 4.0 64-bit
Shield 2.1 64-bit
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