CCRL 40/40, 40/4 and FRC lists updated (14th December 2019)

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CCRL 40/40, 40/4 and FRC lists updated (14th December 2019)

Postby Graham Banks » 15 Dec 2019, 23:02

The latest CCRL Rating Lists and Statistics are available for viewing from the following links: (40/40) (40/4) (FRC 40/4)

Our 40 moves in 40 minutes repeating and 40 moves in 4 minutes repeating are both adjusted to the AMD64 X2 4600+ (2.4GHz).
However, our testers use different hardware ranging from an Q8200 through to the most recent i7's and octals. We benchmark our hardware for consistency of results.
These time controls are roughly equivalent to 40 moves in 15 minutes repeating or 40 moves in 1.5 minutes repeating on modern computers.

Please note that the three lists are often updated separately to each other. The FRC list is only updated when a new engine or engine version is being/has been tested.
Also, please note that the 40/40 and 40/4 lists are constructed from totally different databases and not comparable to each other.

Thanks to all of our currently active testers (Graham, Ray, Gabor, Sergio and Volodymyr). Thanks also to for hosting our website.

40/40 testing this week that I'm aware of will include (with live broadcast port for TLCV noted where applicable):

77th Amateur Series Division 5 Tournament (continuing 16002)
77th Amateur Series Division 6 Tournament (continuing 16053)
December Knockout Tournament (continuing 16001)
Counter 3.4 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16063)
Galjoen 0.40.1 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16064)
KnightX 1.97a 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16066)
Ethereal 11.75 64-bit Gauntlet (finishing Thursday 16091)
Tucano 8.00 64-bit Gauntlet (starting Thursday 16091)
SugaR NN 310719 64-bit Gauntlet (finishing Thursday 16092)
Bagatur 1.8a 64-bit Gauntlet (starting Thursday 16092)
Fritz 17 64-bit Gauntlet (finishing today 16093)
Vajolet2 2.8 64-bit Gauntlet (starting today 16093)
Komodo 13.2.5 MCTS 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16094)
Xiphos 0.6 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (finishing today 16083)
Komodo 13.2.5 MCTS 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (starting today 16083)
Pedone 1.9 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (continuing 16084)
Various 4CPU Gauntlets (being run by Volodymyr)
Various 1CPU Tournaments (being run by Sergio)

40/4 testing since the last update report has included (thanks to Gabor, Sergio, Volodymyr and Ray):

Invictus r305 64-bit
Rodent IV 022 64-bit
Asymptote 0.7 64-bit
Weiss 0.7 64-bit
Lc0 0.23.1 w42850 RTX2080
Asymptote 0.7 64-bit 4CPU
FabChess 1.13 64-bit 4CPU
Swiss Tournaments (Sergio)

40/4 FRC testing since the last update report has included (thanks to Ray):

Minic 1.15 64-bit
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