How to implement the UCI command "currline".

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Re: How to implement the UCI command "currline".

Postby Daniel Mehrmann » 27 Apr 2005, 23:40

Dieter B?r?ner wrote:
Daniel Mehrmann wrote:The question is what are you doing if nullmoves in the played moves ?

From engine-interface.txt:

A nullmove from the Engine to the GUI should be sent as 0000.

So for examle

info currline e2e4 e7e5 0000 g8f6

The Shredder GUI displays this as 1.e4 e5 2.-- Nf6
It also works with refutations and PVs. I am not aware of any other place, where this can be used.

In your log: kibitz is no UCI command (neither is it a WB command). You should also send a ponder move, not only the best move (even in analysis or ponder off games - although it won't hardly make a difference then).


Well, i love your detail handling of the uci protocol :)
I was sure that there was no coment about nullmoves with currLIne.
Well, i'm not perfect.
Thanks Dieter :)
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