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Postby Sune Fischer » 20 Jul 2005, 00:39

I've been tinkering a bit with a PDA version of frenzee.
Frankly I'm curious to see how slow it is going to be, being bitboard and all that :)

Anyway, I've got it to compile and running in the emulator but there are issues with the real device.

I believe it has got something to do with the "platform device manager" not being setup right, it wants to run in emulated mode instead of uploading via activesync and executing on the remote device.
Can't seem to get it off emulator mode.

The link-target is set to ARM and should be OK.

I tried to manually copy the binary but it won't execute, it's missing something - I guess a library (dll).

Anyone know anything about how to configure EVC++ for a pocketpc?

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