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Re: Open Sourcing your Engine

Postby Tom Likens » 07 Oct 2005, 12:46

Daniel Shawul wrote:Hi Tom :D

I have three ways of backing up my source code:

1. I use CVS whenever I program
2. I will once a week archive the source code, makefile, etc.
3. I burn a DVD of the whole mess once a month

i also back up when i make significant changes.
But i don't do step 3 of yours, and guess what happened?
My HD crashed and i lost all the source code of DanChess.
Fortunately, i got a relatively new one from the email i sent to Dann.
that is one advantage of open sourcing your engine :wink:

I usually check out all the open source engines i know.
I understand most of the engines with one exception,ApilChess!
There may not be many feedbacks on your source code.
I myself never sent any bug report ,when i see one,to any author.
So may be the feed backs will come, when i start sending one.

"bug reproting" regards

Hey Daniel,

Good to hear from you again!

Yeah, I used to be a lot more lax about backing things up as well. And then
just like you a couple of years ago, the hard-drive with all the home directories
crashed. My wife and daughter were seriously ticked off because they lost all
their old emails, files and homework. After that I started backing up religiously. :!:

BTW, congrats on how well Scorpio is doing in WBEC.

Tom Likens
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Re: Open Sourcing your Engine

Postby Richard Allbert » 07 Oct 2005, 16:37

Just my small contribution,

I plan to release a new version of Lime in two or three months, with 0x88 board representation.

As some of you have seen from my posts (and the engine), I'm not a strong programmer, but I've put a lot of effort into learning how to write these programs, and it has taken ages to get Lime to pass all perft positions with 0x88 (a lot of problems with piece lists).

Also, writing the SEE took a long time.

I hope to release the source - not as an example of how to program, but hopefully as a help to beginners.

We'll see..

Richard Allbert
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Re: Open Sourcing your Engine

Postby Oliver Roese » 25 Oct 2005, 17:43

Uri Blass wrote:...
Unfortunately I do not know of a way to save the process of programming

Hello Uri!
Have you ever considered using a version control system?
I can recommend for users of windows, since it integrates nicely with the explorer. I use it for myself.
Programmers in Linux must use "raw" svn instead (see for the latest version).

Oliver Roese
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