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Postby Ladyhawk » 10 Jan 2017, 21:41

Does someone know of a windows utility like lgpgnmw that could take a PGN file and mark every white move (and/or every black move) with a single (!) or a double (!!) exclamation mark ?
This should be appliable to simple multiple games PGN input files without any subvariations.
Also, if I add a single (!) and there is already a ? I want it to be ?! or if there is already a ! I want it to be !! or if there is already a !! I want it to be !!! just like lgpgnmw does.
Or can someone give me a working link to download lgpgnmw
My email adress is cremersjonathan@gmail.com

The links http://lyapko.ho.com.ua/lgpgnmw.zip
and http://chessbazaar.mylivepage.com/file/ ... _utilities
dousn't work anymore.

If someone with a good PGN parser could just write a simple command-line utility for this I would be very thankful.

Regards Jonathan
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