Winboard for Jaws and NVDA : is a new version coming soon?

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Winboard for Jaws and NVDA : is a new version coming soon?

Postby Olivier Deville » 07 Oct 2021, 14:13

Message from Marcos Antonio Schllosser, blind chessplayer from Brazil



I'm learning to play Chess and Winboard has become my favorite tool in
learning this wonderful game.

The Accessible Version which was developed for use with NVDA Screen
Readers and Jaws is splendid and indispensable for a blind person who
wants to learn how to play Chess.

That's why I would like to post the question here on the forum. Will we
have accessible Winboard version 4.8 developed along the same lines for
use with Jaws and NVDA?

Because the last one that was released was in the year of 2011 and I
believe that this one has many new Resources that can make our life
easier in learning Chess.

It would be interesting if the native Portuguese translation was already
released in the Version to be developed and I am willing to help if I
can learn how to translate the entire game including the messages to
Brazilian Portuguese.

Another also welcome thing would be the native installation of More
Chess Engines like Arasan, Stokfish and others that are free and that
can be included in the Pack natively.

Finally, it would be interesting for this Version to be developed in a
Package that can be used in Portable Mode. In other words, the user can
unzip the Software and use Winboard with NVDA or JAWS on any Computer he
wishes using a Pendrive or a Memory Card with the Software copied on
that Device as it can already be done today when we copy the folder of
WinBoard that is installed on Disk C of the Computer for one of these

I hope that this new Accessible Version of WinBoard 4.8 will be
developed for us blind people to use.
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