Crafty questions.

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Crafty questions.

Postby GiorgosK » 30 Mar 2019, 17:51

Hi! :D

I just compile the last stable Crafty version at my (Linux) system (for using it with XBoard).
Just a couple of (not significant) questions:

1) At Crafty's homepage (at "Downloads" section), states that "Crafty has a pretty complete "help" command, this gives an ASCII, postscript and troff/nroff versions of the documentation, along with a text file describing how to operate crafty...".
Ehm...I can't see any text file (except the code and makefile)! :o

Also, does someone figured out, how to invoke the built-in help?

Not important though, since the online version is always here:

2) I downloaded book.bin (from books downloads ( and I was trying (although its optional) to create books.bin.
As it's documentation states (, "Opening Book Setup and Usage" section) it's enough to issue the command "books create start.pgn 60".
I downloaded the archive, unzipped start.pgn and issued the mentioned command and...nothing happened, since "books" is not a Linux command.
I tried running it from inside Crafty (eg. "crafty books create start.pgn 60"), but I failed.

Anyone with a hint, about books creation with Crafty?

Also not important, since I'm using it for analysis and I don't play openings.
I'm curious though!
TIA! 8-)
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