FACE webside now is free of broken links

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FACE webside now is free of broken links

Postby harveyclayton » 22 Jul 2019, 03:50


must apologice to all of how have visit my side and find awful broken links.
Now there should be fixed all.

The download of the pgn is available as ice-file. Cause having now much more webspace - I can consider if the enginefriend how like to download
prefer better zip or rar or ice format. Please say your opinion by that.

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Re: FACE webside now is free of broken links

Postby Flanker_Su27 » 10 Oct 2019, 17:04

.zip and .rar formats are fine for me, I guess they're a worldwide standard and that it should be good for most people.
Congrats on updating your site by the way, it's quite an uncommon thing to do these days, most sites I find are massively outdated...
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