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Evaluation Graph

Postby Dave Neve » 16 Nov 2019, 20:46


I have a general idea how this works but when the evaluation graph goes from +5 to -5 and you are one move from being checkmated :( , how comes it only shows -3?
I mean you are on the point of losing so I would expect a -4.9 or something like that?

Also, is there any real difference between the evaluation graph and the blunder graph that you can toggle to or is it just a question of name and focus?

Thanks for any help
Dave Neve
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Re: Evaluation Graph

Postby H.G.Muller » 17 Nov 2019, 11:13

The evaluation graph is supposed to reflect what the engine says, and will indeed saturate at 5. You should be a bit more specific about the problem you perceived. It could very well be that the engine just reported a wrong score.

There is a problem, which could be considered a bug, that the move scores are not cleared when you alter the game by hand (through Edit Game). Moves enetered by hand will never receive a score, only moves thought up by an engine do that. But if the corresponding move had a score in a game that was loaded earlier, this score would stick when you enter an alternative move by hand.
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