Monster Maulers v Isa Infidels (Teams Match)

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Monster Maulers v Isa Infidels (Teams Match)

Postby Graham Banks » 14 Jan 2020, 20:29


Intel i5 Quad
256mb hash each where possible
3-4-5 piece tablebases
Ponder off
GBSelect2019.cgb book
40 moves in 25 minutes repeating (adapted for the CCRL)
Engines on each board will play a 12 game match
All engines 1CPU (64-bit where possible)


(6.0-6.0) Monolith 1.02 64-bit v Francesca MAD 0.26
(5.5-6.5) Arminius 2018-12-23 64-bit v ECE 64-bit
(5.0-7.0) K2 0.95 v CM11th Archangel
(5.0-7.0) Orion 0.6 64-bit v Danasah 8.30
(4.5-7.5) Capivara LK 0.09b02f 64-bit v Coiled 0.6 64-bit
(4.5-7.5) RookieMonster 1.7.0 64-bit v Jumbo 0.7.0 64-bit
(7.0-5.0) Dorky 4.8 64-bit v Ghost 3.1 64-bit
(7.0-5.0) Axolotl 1.9 64-bit v Cyberpagno 3.0 64-bit
(7.0-5.0) Myrddin 0.87 64-bit v Romichess P3n 64-bit
(6.0-6.0) Googleplex StarThinker 1.6 64-bit v Ares GB 64-bit
(5.5-6.5) Barbarossa 0.6.0 64-bit v Isa 2.0.83 64-bit
(5.5-6.5) Raven 0.70 64-bit v CT800 1.34 64-bit

Final Match Score (based on board by board results)

4.0 - Monster Maulers
8.0 - Isa Infidels

The complete tournament pgn (zipped) can be downloaded here: ... p?id=45689
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