OpenWar 1st Edition

All games - Final crosstable after round 57

This is a new computer chess event. Here are the rules and specifications :

- Hardware : Athlon64 3000+, 512Mb, WinXP Home
- GUI : Winboard by Tim Mann, modified by Alessandro Scotti
- Tournament manager : PSWBTM by Pradu Kannan
- Other tools used : Scid by Shane Hudson, PolyGlot by Fabien Letouzey, BookThinker by Lance Perkins, LGPGNVER by George Lyapko, InBetween & Wb2Uci by Odd Gunnar Malin, jlaunch by Manfred Rosenboom
- Time control : Incremental (Fischer) 45'+ 5"
- Ponder off, hashsize=64Mb, egtb cache=16Mb (all 3, 4 and 5 men, some 6 men)
- Resign is set to -900 when supported
- Round robin, 1 cycle
- Updates allowed anytime
- All Winboard and UCI engines, free, private or commercial are allowed to play. No minimal strength is required, but the engine is expected to be stable. Only the author has the right to register his engine. Clones unwanted !
- Ownbooks are used. Engines coming with no book can request to use the tournament book
- All winboard debug saved
- Bug reports are sent to the authors
- Start date : July, 15th
- All games broadcasted at port 16044 using TLCV by Thomas McBurney

List of participants

ALChess1.4Alex LobanovRussia
Alfil6.9.1Enrique Sanchez AcostaSpain
AliChess4.05Anton LindenmairGermany
Amateur2.86Will SingletonUSA
Anechka0.08Sergei NefedovRussia
AnMon5.60Christian BarreteauFrance
Arasan9.4John DartUSA
Atak4.99 LINKAMateusz LuksikPoland
Booot4.11.1Alex MorozovUkraine
BugChess21.3François & Jean-Philippe KarrFrance
Cerebro2.11Antonio SenatoreArgentina
Cheetah0.78Ralf SchäferGermany
ChessAlex1.5Alexander TurikovRussia
ChironTurinCUbaldo Andrea FarinaItaly
Colossus2006fMartin BryantEngland
Crash Test Dummy014Richard PijlNetherlands
DanaSah2.44Pedro CastroSpain
Deuterium06072471bFerdinand MoscaPhilippines
Eden0.0.11_serverNicolai CzempinGermany
Etabeta7.21Antonia JeanrenaudItaly
EveAnn1.50b2Andrés ValverdeSpain
Feuerstein0.4.4.2Fritz GrauGermany
FireFly2.1.3Andrew FanHong Kong
FrenzeePOW4Sune FischerDenmark
Gaïa3.5rJean-François Romang & David RabelFrance
Glaurung1.2.1Tord RomstadNorway
Hermann1.9Volker AnnussGermany
HoiChess060826Holger RuckdeschelGermany
Homer1.12aDaniel MehrmannGermany
Horizon4.3.066Ron MurawskiUSA
IACH0.56eManuel DiazSpain
Kanguruh1.92Thomas McBurneyAustralia
King's Out0.2.42Bernd NürnbergerGermany
Lime6.2Richard AllbertEngland
LittleThought0.96Nathan ThomAustralia
Matacz1.1Maciej PestkaPoland
Matheus2.3Josué ForteBrazil
Movei0.08.358Uri BlassIsrael
NanoSzachy2.6Piotr CichyPoland
Neurosis2.0Stan ArtsNetherlands
Parrot060628Johannes SuhardjoUSA
Petir4.01Peter AlloysiusIndonesia
PikoSzachy2.0Piotr CichyPoland
PostModernist1016Andrew WilliamsUSA
RomiChessProto 3iMichael SherwinUSA
Scorpio1.8Daniel ShawulEthiopia
SlowSpider1.07eMartin GiepmansNetherlands
Snitch1.6.2Klaus FriedelGermany
SpiderChess3.90mua2Martin GiepmansNetherlands
Spike1.2 TurinVolker Böhm & Ralf SchäferGermany
Talvmenni0.1Eyðun Lamhauge & Eyðun NielsenFaroer Islands
The Baron2.4bRichard PijlNetherlands
Tinker5.23Brian RichardsonUSA
Ufim8.02Niyaz KhasanovRussia
Waster0.16Geoff WestwoodEngland
WitzAlpha 21Pradu KannanUSA
Xpdnt060829David WellerUSA
Zeus1.27Vadim BykovRussia

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